About Us

It’s not about us, actually. It’s about producers under pressure as prices squeeze and climates change. It’s about roasters working to differentiate offerings and trim costs in an increasingly competitive landscape. It’s about all of us navigating an industry at the crossroads of a fragile supply base, changing consumer preferences, and new tech that’s both disruptive and empowering at once. At Sucafina, we’re about building a green coffee sourcing platform that connects producers and roasters in a way that improves quality, increases transparency, trims costs, and enhances returns for everyone involved.

About Sucafina

For the “About Us” traditionalist, Sucafina is a family owned coffee company founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1977, now operating as a leading global green coffee supply chain manager from farm gate to roaster door. One of the only multinationals solely dedicated to coffee and unique in our one-global-team approach, we have the scale to maximize efficiency and impact on one hand and the coffee-centric focus required for authentic relationships and quality delivery on the other. We currently interface directly with producers via on-the-ground operations in Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Vietnam. Elsewhere there’s more processing capacity than there is production, so we focus on partnerships and empowering, rather than competing with, local supplier networks. In all that we do we emphasize core values of Entrepreneurship, Expertise, Passion, Humility, and Integrity. In 2018 Adaptability was formally added as we intend to maintain a leadership role in coffee’s rapidly changing landscape.

Sucafina North America was established in 2017 by a team of experienced coffee professionals recruited from diverse parts of the Specialty community. From offices in New York, Miami, and Seattle, we link the North American marketplace to a global network of suppliers, offering spot inventory, reserving coffee for future release, and facilitating direct trade. We endeavor to provide the insight, service, and stocklot-to-microlot green coffee value that roasters of all shapes and sizes need in today’s competitive environment.